Here are the main important steps you need to follow in order to trade on Kucoin :

#1 Create an account on or the Kucoin application with link

#2 Deposit USDT into your Kucoin account. We will only be using USDT as the pair to trade our coins which means you will need to have USDT in your account in order to buy.

#3 IMPORTANT step : When you deposit USDT or any funds your kucoin account it will go directly into your "MAIN ACCOUNT". You will need to transfer those USDT into " TRADING ACCOUNT".

#4 If this is your first time on Kucoin we highly suggest doing a small test trade on other coins before the signal by buying and selling a small amount to make sure you are prepared. Kucoin will sometimes ask you to enter your trading pin before executing a trade. Make sure you know how to enter your trading pin quickly to buy in as quick as possible or simply make a small trade a few minutes before the pump on another coin to not having to re enter it again when we announce the coin to buy.

#5 Buying and selling :

Buying and selling is very simple on Kucoin. We highly suggest the "MARKET" option as it will make sure your trade is executed instantly at market price without having to select the price manually which will ensure a quick entry. The good thing about Kucoin is that it has a safety mechanism that prevents you from buying too high ( Any trade above 10% of current price gets canceled automatically while the amount below your 10% buy gets executed) which means you can safely use this option even if you are trading with big amounts. You will just need to market buy multiple times if you are looking to buy more. We highly suggest using the 75% option which will use 75% of your current balance to buy or 100% if you wish to use it all.

If you are using the web :

If you are using the application on your phone :

#6 NEVER sell using the Market option which means never sell at market price. When you wish to sell, simply place a sell order at the price you want to sell and wait for it to get filled. You can do so by clicking on "Limit" , selecting the price you want to sell at and sell. The reason we use limit for selling is because we want to keep the price going up, our team makes sure the price stays up as long as possible to make sure we have a good and lasting pump going, it will also ensure that you maximize your profits if your trading size is bigger since the spreads can be very big. Our targets on Kucoin can go up to 2000% which means that the spreads between the buys and the sells can be really high which favors the use of Limit selling for maximizing your profit.

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