In his 2023 mentorship program, Inner Circle Trader (ICT) introduced a novel category of Fair Value Gap known as the Implied Fair Value Gap (IFVG).

Implied fvg ict

What is the Implied Fair Value Gap

The Implied Fair Value Gap (IFVG) is a unique three-candlestick pattern that distinguishes itself from the conventional Fair Value Gap. In the IFVG pattern, the central candle exhibits a substantial body, flanked by candles on either side that possess overlapping wicks.


Criteria for Implied fvg ict:

  1. Presence of a large-range candle.
  2. Absence of a conventional FVG.
  3. Long wicks on both sides with overlapping.

Steps to identify Implied FVG:

  1. Find the midpoint or consequent encroachment of each wick
  2. The space b/w the 50% mark of each wick is the implied fvg
  3. Extend it out in time

ICT Implied Fair Value Gap Example


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