A breaker block is a failed order block that results in market liquidity being taken out and the market structure changing from bullish to bearish or vice versa. This can provide price action traders with valuable information about what the market is likely to do next.

In this blog post, we will discuss the concept of ICT breaker blocks and how to use them to find trading opportunities.

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ICT Breaker

Inner Circle Trader (ICT) defined a breaker block as a failed Order Block created after the liquidity sweep and shift in the market structure.

ICT Bullish Breaker Block


Let’s consider the above chart that illustrates the failed Bearish order block and converts it into a bullish breaker block in the future this failed OB worked as a support and the price from this point moves upward direction.

ICT Bearish Breaker Blocks

 Here is another example showing the Failed Bullish Order Block and these Bullish Order Blocks convert into Bearish Breaker Blocks.

bearish order block

How Breaker Blocks Works

The logic behind the Breaker Block is the Algorithm that governs the market is always in search for liquidity. People find order blocks and anticipate that the price will move up and down in a bullish and bearish OB scenario respectively and place their stop losses on the below in bullish OB and above in the case of Bearish OB as shown in the below chart.

ict-Breaker block examples forex

Market Maker (MM) and smart money take advantage and hunt people to stop losses and move the market in the opposite direction.


ICT Breaker Block Trading Strategy

The Breaker Block trading strategy is based on the two main concepts.

  1. Finding the failed Order Block
  2. Liquidity Sweep
  3. Market Structure Shift (MSS)

Finding the Failed Order Block with liquidity sweep and market structure shift. Now take the entry from the breaker block as shown below chart.


ICT defined a breaker as a failed order block and in the future acts as a support and resistance level. Bullish Order Block acts as a bearish breaker, and bearish order block acts as a bullish breaker block.

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