7-Best-Candlestick Pattern

If you’re keen on technical analysis and price action trading, mastering these patterns is a game-changer. They’re like a secret code, revealing the market’s mood swings and hinting at those crucial moments when the bears might hand over the reins to the bulls.

Ready to explore 7 bullish candlestick patterns that could give your trading strategy an edge?

What is Bullish Candlestick Pattern?

A bullish candlestick pattern is a technical analysis tool used by traders to identify potential upward trends in a security’s price. These patterns are formed by the arrangement of the colored bars (candlesticks) on a price chart, where each candlestick represents the price movement of a security over a specific period, typically one day.

How To Read Bullish Candlestick

Reading bullish candlesticks involves understanding their individual components and how they interact within a wider chart context.

Individual components:

  • Color: A solid (usually green) body indicates the closing price was higher than the opening price, hence bullish. A hollow (usually white) body signifies the opposite.
  • Body size: A large body compared to the shadows suggests strong buying pressure, indicating a potentially stronger bullish signal.
  • Shadows (wicks): These lines extend above and below the body, representing the highest and lowest price points during the period. Long upper shadows show buying pressure pushing the price higher, while long lower shadows indicate selling pressure.
  • Position within the chart: Bullish candles at the bottom of a downtrend hold stronger significance as they signal a potential trend reversal.

List of Seven Bullish Candlestick Pattern

  1. White Marubozu Candlestick Pattern
  2. Morning Star Pattern
  3. Piercing Candlestick Pattern
  4. Bullish Harami Candlestick Pattern
  5. Pin Bar
  6. Pin Barinside Bar Pattern
  7. Bullish Engulfing
Top 7 Bullish Candlestick Patterns

The table below provides a quick reference guide to some of the most significant bullish candlestick patterns in trading

White MarubozuA long, white (or green) body with no upper or lower shadows.Indicates strong bullish sentiment; buyers controlled the session.
Morning StarA three-candle pattern: a long bearish candle, a short candle, and a long bullish candle.Suggests a reversal from bearish to bullish trend.
Piercing CandlestickA two-candle pattern with a long bearish candle followed by a long bullish candle that closes above the midpoint of the bearish candle’s body.Indicates a potential bullish reversal after a downtrend.
Bullish HaramiA large bearish candle followed by a smaller bullish candle completely within the range of the bearish candle’s body.Signals a possible slowdown in bearish momentum and a potential bullish reversal.
Inside Bar PatternA two-bar pattern where the latter bar is completely contained within the range of the previous bar.Indicates market consolidation; could be a precursor to a breakout.
Pin Bar and Inside Bar ComboA Pin Bar (a candle with a long tail and small body) followed by an Inside Bar, contained within the Pin Bar’s range.Suggests a strong potential for a breakout in the direction of the Pin Bar.
Bullish EngulfingA small bearish candle completely engulfed by a subsequent larger bullish candle.A strong indicator of a bullish reversal, particularly at the end of a downtrend.

  1. White Marubozu Candlestick Pattern: The White Marubozu is a powerful bullish pattern characterized by a long white (or green) body with no shadows. This indicates that buyers controlled the price action from the first trade to the last trade. The lack of shadows suggests aggressive buying and is often seen as a sign of a strong bullish sentiment. This pattern can indicate the start of a bullish trend or a decisive upward breakout.
  2. Morning Star Pattern: The Morning Star is a three-candle pattern that signals a reversal from a bearish to a bullish market. It consists of a short candle sandwiched between a long bearish candle and a long bullish candle. This formation represents a transition period in the market, where the bearish sentiment is waning, and the bulls are gaining strength. The final long bullish candle confirms the reversal.
  3. Piercing Candlestick Pattern: This two-day pattern emerges at the end of a downtrend. The first candle is a long bearish one, followed by a long bullish candle. The second day opens at a new low but closes above the midpoint of the body of the first day’s candle. This suggests that buyers are returning to the market, indicating potential bullish momentum ahead.
  4. Bullish Harami Candlestick Pattern: The Bullish Harami is a two-candle pattern that suggests a potential reversal. It consists of a large bearish candle followed by a small bullish candle. The second candle’s body is located within the vertical range of the previous body, signifying that the bearish momentum is slowing and a bullish reversal is on the horizon.
  5. Inside Bar Pattern: Think of this as the market taking a breather. The Inside Bar is a two-bar pattern where the latter bar is completely contained within the range of the former. It’s like the calm before the storm of a breakout.
  6. Pin Bar and Inside Bar Combo Patterns: Combining the best of both worlds, this pattern is when a Pin Bar is immediately followed by an Inside Bar, contained within the Pin’s range. It’s a powerful combo that often signifies a strong move is coming.Learn more about Pin Bar Inside Bar
  7. Bullish Engulfing: This two-candle pattern is a strong indication of a bullish reversal. It occurs when a small bearish candle is followed by a large bullish candle that completely engulfs the body of the previous day’s candle. This suggests a shift in momentum from sellers to buyers and is considered one of the most reliable bullish reversal patterns.

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