- ERL refers to buy side liquidity above the range high and SSL below the range low in current trading range. - IRL is represented by OB, FVG, Volume Imbalance and Trendline liquidity.

What is External and Internal Range Liquidity? Ans - External range liquidity refers to the buy side liquidity above the range high and sell side liquidity below the range low in the current trading range.

- It is associated with liquidity runs that seek to pair orders with pending order liquidity, which is in the form of a liquidity pool. - External range liquidity runs can be low resistance or high resistance in nature.

- As a trader, you want your trades to bein low resistance conditions, meaning you don't want any resistance in your path of profitability. - While Internal Range Liquidity is the liquidity inside the defined range (External Range Liquidity).
- This could be in form of any institutional reference that we can use as entry such as order blocks, fair value gaps, volume imbalance, and more.

Market moves between external range liquidity (ERL) to internal Range Liquidity (IRL).

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