In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of ICT Rejection Blocks. This is a powerful price pattern used in trading to predict future price movements. We will cover both bearish and bullish rejection blocks, helping you understand how to identify and use them in trading.

Bearish Rejection Block

ICT Bearish Rejection Block is a price pattern signalling potential downward movement.

A BearishRejection Block is formed when a price high has formed With long wicks on the highs of the candlestick and the price reaches up above the body of the candle to run Buy Side Liquidity out before the price declines.

Example of Bearish-Rejection Blcok

example of rejection block on eurusd pair

The above chart show’s the rejection block on EURUSD pair. The price goes down after the rejecting from Rejection block and triggering the Buy Stop Liquidity

Bullish Rejection Block

ICT Bullish Rejection Block indicates potential upward price movement.


A bullish Rejection Block is formed when a price low has formed with a long wick
On the low candlestick and price reach down the body of the candle to run Sell sell-side liquidity out before the price Rallies higher.

Bullsih Rejection Block Exaple

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